We shall not forget

A rerun of our most popular post. In honor of the Class of 2013 who receive The Ring today and for all the parents, alumni and family who will be visiting The Citadel this Parents’ Day Weekend. Class of 2013 uphold the ideals of The Citadel and never forget those who have gone before you.

The Citadel Memorial Europe

For a Citadel graduate, the band of brotherhood formed and embedded in the course of four long years is both figurative and literal. It is intrinsic and personal as well as concrete and visible. What is known to many as “the band of gold”, The Citadel ring is instantly recognizable and marks its wearer as a Citadel Man, or since 1999, Woman. It is standardized yet unique, and it is distinguishable from all other college rings. There are no others like it, and, as far as Citadel alumni are concerned, there will never be.Citadel Ring - Class of 1989

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