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Alphabetical List

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(*) denotes listed on Tablets of the Missing. (#) denotes WWI cemetery.
(^) denotes British Commonwealth Cemetery & Memorial

1LT Robert Moffatt Brice 1942 Normandy, France
CPT Joseph Dexter Brown, Jr. 1942 Florence, Italy
PFC Frank William Cantillion 1946 Sicily-Rome, Italy
PVT Ross L. Carmichael 1946 Sicily-Rome, Italy
SGT Edward Gray Cherry, Jr. 1946 Margraten, Netherlands
PVT Walter Steele Covington, Jr. 1946 Henri-Chapelle, Belgium
COX Eugene Rice Cowan 1938 Cambridge, England
1LT Peter Franklin Cureton, Jr. 1940 Lorraine, France
1LT John Hodges David, Jr. 1914 St. Mihiel, France #
FLT/O John Younkin Davis 1946 Cambridge, England
LTC Joseph Carr Davis 1932 Lorraine, France
CPT Wilton Earl Davis 1926 Rhone, France
PFC Thompson Gallety Dicks 1944 Normandy, France
1LT Joseph Ambrose Doyle, Jr. 1946 Sicily-Rome, Italy
2LT William Herbert Ellis, Jr. 1940 Henri-Chapelle, Belgium
2LT Richard Louis Engel 1944 Cambridge, England
SGT Owen Willoughby Fields, Jr. 1944 Normandy, France
TSGT George Bryan French 1931 North Africa, Tunisia*
1LT Henry David Fulmer, Jr. 1945 Cambridge, England
2LT Creswell Garlington, Jr. 1944 Margraten, Netherlands
CPT Clough Farrar Gee, III 1939 Normandy, France
TSGT Frank Elmer Grogan, Jr. 1942 Ardennes, Belgium
1LT Albert Starke Hagood 1931 Henri-Chapelle, Belgium
SGT Jule Hancock, Jr. 1946 Sicily-Rome, Italy
CPL Theodore Hanford 1942 Luxembourg
1LT Ralph Alexander Hardee 1944 Brittany, France
SSGT James William Hendon, Jr. 1946 Ardennes, Belgium
LCDR Allard Barnwell Heyward 1931 Normandy, France *
MAJ Thomas Dry Howie 1929 Normandy, France
2LT Arthur Bradlee Hunt, Jr. 1944 Margraten, Netherlands
1LT Franklyn Madden Ketchum 1942 Rhone, France
CPT Ralph Emory Kibler, Jr. 1942 Epinal, France
1LT Francis Vernon Lael 1940 Florence, Italy *
2LT George Rhea Land, Jr. 1939 North Africa, Tunisia
PFC Harry Bell Launius, Jr. 1946 Luxembourg
F/LT Charles Prichard Lesesne 1933 Hamburg, Germany ^
1LT Richard Lee Mann 1944 Normandy, France
CPT James Lawrence Manning 1942 Henri-Chapelle, Belgium
CPT Thomas Hutson Martin, Jr. 1940 Epinal, France
2LT Frederick Davenport Melton 1945 Margraten, Netherlands
1LT William Allsbrook Mulloy 1909 Somme, France #
1LT Edwin Karl Newman 1939 Margraten, Netherlands
LT William Montague Nicholls 1912 Loos, France # * ^
1LT Rufus Alexander Oliphant, Jr. 1940 Cambridge, England*
1LT Richard Paul Padgett 1944 Lorraine, France
PFC Kingsley Robert Pearse 1946 Epinal, France
CPT Robert Edward Poland 1942 North Africa, Tunisia *
1LT Paul Richardson 1944 Epinal, France
SSG Robert Cowan Rolph 1946 Margraten, Netherlands
1LT William Milling Royall 1942 Margraten, Netherlands
CPT Jerome Chris Serros 1942 Ardennes, Belgium
PVT Waverly Owen Skidmore 1946 Henri-Chapelle, Belgium
2LT Samuel Rigby Sprott, Jr. 1944 Florence, Italy *
1LT Charles Marion Thirlkeld, Jr. 1944 Luxembourg
CPT James Goodlett Thornton, Jr. 1940 Luxembourg *
PFC Wilson Adelbert Wendt 1945 Margraten, Netherlands

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