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The Citadel Class of: 1942  
Cadet Company: C (Sphinx 1940)
Age: 25
Born: 4-Oct-19 in Savannah, Georgia
Hometown: Orlando, Orange County, Florida
Family: Nicholas Serros (father), Antoinette Serros (mother),
Andrew Nick Serros (brother), Robert Serros (brother)
Rank: Captain
Branch of Service: U.S. Army Air Forces
Servicenumber: O-660688
Entered the Service from: Florida
Function: Pilot
Company – Squadron: 55th Fighter Squadron
Unit – Group: 20th Fighter Group
Plane data: P51D-5NA-44-13838, “Okie Blokie”, MACR 10234
(Serialnumber, MACR, etc.)
Date of death: 2-Nov-44
Status: KIA
Place of death: over Germany
Spot: Andrup, Hasseluenne, Germany
Awards: Distinguished Flying Cross with Oak Leaf Cluster
Gravenumber: Plot B Row 41 Grave 2
Cemetery: Ardennes American Cemetery
Biography: not available
Other information:

Flight departed from Kingscliffe, England to escort bombers on run to Merseburg, Germany. Capt. Serros’ Mustang was in formation at the time he reported loss of coolant and mechanical failure and then pulled away. He said on R/T he was turning back to base. He made the turn and then almost immediately started spinning. No chute seen but his altitude gave him ample time to bail out. He last known location was 10 miles west of Quackenbruck, Germany.
Source: MACR 10234

According to records on the Little Friends (fighter escorts) website, Capt. Serros’ Mustang was nicknamed “Stubborn Virgin” and not “Okie Blokie”. Most likely he was assigned “Okie Blokie” on the day of his death due to his aircraft being down for maintenance. Also, their records show that Captain Serros had flown P-38J Lighting 42-67756 KI-B nicknamed “Stubborn Virgin” before the squadron transitioned to the P-51 Mustang.
Source: LittleFriends.co.uk

Sources: American Battle Monuments Commission, The Citadel Archive & Museum, Mike Stannard ’65, 1920/30/40 US Census (NARA), WWII enlistment records (NARA), LittleFriends.co.uk, Find a Grave.com

We ask for your help.
It is our objective to have complete and accurate records for each of our Citadel Men.
If you have information to contribute or correct this or any other record, please contact us or see support.

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