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The Citadel Class of: 1942

Source: The Sphinx 1941, South Carolina Corps of Cadets

Cadet Company: F (1939); G, Private (1941)
Age: 24
Born: 18-Feb-20 in Florida
Hometown: Leesburg, Lake County, Florida
Family: Fred T. Hanford (father), Helen Burns Hanford (mother), George T. Hanford (brother), Margaret Hanford Clements (sister)
Rank: Corporal
Branch of Service: U.S. Army
Servicenumber: 34242320
Entered the Service from: Florida
Function: not available
Battalion: 326th Engineer Battalion
Division: 101st Airborne Division
Company: “C”
Unit: not available
Date of death: 25-Dec-44
Status: KIA
Place of death: vicinity of Bastogne, Belgium
Spot: not available
Awards: Silver Star, Purple Heart
Gravenumber: Plot H Row 8 Grave 54
Cemetery: Luxembourg American Cemetery
Biography: not available
Other information: According to its commander, the 326th Engineer Battalion might as well have been among the missing. Its deployment around Bastogne was a classic case of misuse through ignorance. Although the men set up a few roadblocks and prepared several bridges for demolition, they were committed piecemeal as infantry early in the battle rather than in their engineer support role with the different regiments. When promised infantry protection to accomplish engineer tasks, the engineers frequently found themselves alone, unprotected, and exposed. Fighting as infantry, they had no responsive, designated artillery support. Strangely, no one used them in any way to prepare antitank obstacles. – Source: The 101st Airborne Division’s Defense of Bastogne, Colonel Ralph M. Mitchell, Combat Studies Institute, 1986

Sources: American Battle Monuments Commission, The Citadel Archive & Museum, Mike Stannard ’65, Sphinx 1939, Sphinx 1941, 101st Airborne WWII, 1920/30 US Census (NARA)

We ask for your help.
It is our objective to have complete and accurate records for each of our Citadel Men.
If you have information to contribute or correct this or any other record, please contact us or see support.

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2 responses

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  2. Alex Burgess

    Brother was a BEAST. He did his DUTY to the end. Rest In Peace, Sir.

    December 25, 2015 at 2:07 pm

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