We shall not forget

Our Patrons

We deeply appreciate the support we have received from the following individuals and organizations:

Gifts and Donations 2019 & 2020

Mr. Peter Boltuch, ’10
Mr. Maurice Heemels
Mr. Willem Kiggen
Mr. Harm Lamaker, ’88
Ms. Deborah Long
Mr. Raymond Long – In memory of Marie Ann Long
Mr. Roger Long, ’89
Mr. Steve Smith, ’84
Citadel Alumni Association

Gifts and Donations 2012 – 2018

Mr. Rick Cobb, ’72 – In honor of Ms. Karen Shuler, CGC ’91
Mr. Maurice Heemels
Mr. Willem Kiggen
Mr. Harm Lamaker, ’88
Mr. Roger Long, ’89
Mr. Raymond Long – In memory of Marie Ann Long
Mr. George Puckhaber, ’56
Ms. Sandra Sharpe
Ms. Karen Shuler, CGC ’91 – In memory of Lt. Col. Haywood “Woody” Faison, ’39
Major Steve Smith, USA(R), ’84
Mr. Spiff Walsh, ’92
Mr. Jim Whitmore, ’89
Citadel Alumni Association

Research and Content

Mr. Kevin Bristol, ’92
Mr. Paul Cober
Ms. Katty Coduti
Mr. Mark Dworschak
Mr. Grant Galef, ’97
Mr. Richard Hodges, ’72
Mr. Joe Johnson, ’87
Mr. Koen van Kemenade
Ms. Juul Koster
Ms. Machteld Kouwenhoeven
Mr. Matt Lacina, ’89
Mr. Bob Mebane, ’80
Lt. Col. Scott Nahrgang, ’96
Mr. Ben Savelkoul
Maj. Steve Smith, ’84
Mr. Eric Stewart, ’89
Mr. Shell Suber, ’89
Ms. Germana Travaglini
Mr. Clemson Turregano, ’83
Mr. Jori Videc
The Citadel Archives and Museum, Charleston, South Carolina
Ms. Debbie Bloom, visit The Dead Librarian blog, and the staff of the
Walker Local and Family History Center, Richland County Public Library, Columbia, South Carolina
The South Carolina Room, Greenville County Public Library, Greenville, South Carolina
Ms. Helen B. Moody, Dillon County SC Library genealogy volunteer. Visit Helen’s Little Corner.
Ms. Susan Rogerson Perhala, Volunteer, Horry County Historic Cemetery Registration Project
South Carolina History Room, Charleston County Public Library
North Carolina Collection, Durham County Library

Further acknowledgements on the behalf of Roger Long

Ms. Jane Yates, former Director of The Citadel Archives and Museum, for providing data and encouragement in June 2010 when I first started my research.

Mr. Mike Stannard, ’65, for his work on the detailed list of Citadel Men who died during WWII. This important work has been a valuable resource and an inspiration.  I unfortunately will never have the chance to thank him personally. He passed away shortly after his work was published on the website in 2010. God bless.

Mr. Mike Rogers, ’70, Maj. Steve Smith, ’84, Maj. Ted Curtis, ’64, Col. Ed Carter, ’66, Mr. Bob Mebane, ’80, Col. Bill DeMarco, ’88, LTC. Dave Sikes, ’66, Mr. Phil Reichner, ’89, and Mr. Paul Tamburrino, ’89, for immediately reaching out and enthusiastically embracing me with their support and encouragement when I launched this memorial website.

Mr. Maurice Heemels and Mr. Willem Kiggen who have been with me from the start.

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Learn more About The Citadel Memorial Europe Foundation and its Board of Directors

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