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The Dillon Herald, Dillon, South Carolina, March 14, 1918, Vol. 22, No. 18

The First to Volunteer for Foreign Service

His Death Brings Sorrow to Hundreds of Friends in State and County

Lieut. John H. David, [The Citadel Class of 1914] fighting in France, was killed in action March 1st. This announcement will bring genuine sorrow to scores of Lieut. David’s friends throughout the county and state.

J. H. David, Jr. -1Cadet Second Lieutenant John Hodges David, Jr., Class of 1914. From the 1914 Sphinx.
Photograph likely taken by Capt. Louis Knox, The Citadel.

The details of Lieut. David’s death were not given. His father Dr. J. H. David, received a telegram from the war department Monday night at 7 o’clock announcing that Lieut. David (more…)


The News and Courier
Charleston, South Carolina
March 13, 1918 [1]

Lieut. J. H. David of Class of 1914 Killed in Action on the French Front


All Business Suspended in That Town Yesterday and the Schools Closed

First Lieut. John Hodges David, Jr., whose name appeared in the overseas casualty list yesterday morning as having been killed in action on March 1, is the first South Carolina officer to lay down his life during the present war, and is the first Citadel graduate killed in action since the entrance of the United States into the struggle.

Lieut. David hails from Dillon, and was graduated from the Citadel in the class of 1914, being especially commended for efficiency in military tactics. He was commissioned as a first lieutenant following his graduation from the first Oglethorpe training camp, and volunteered for overseas service.


Cadet John Hodges David, Jr., Class of 1914 [2]

Business Houses Closed.

All business houses in Dillon were closed yesterday between noon and 8 o’clock in respect to his memory, and the city schools observed a holiday. News of the young officer’s death was received by his parents Monday night, and has cast a damper of gloom over the entire town, where he was universally liked and admired.

No details of Lieut. David’s death have been made public, only the bare announcement he had been killed in action. As a squad of twenty-seven were totally obliterated in addition to the officer, it is presumed that he was in charge of a patrol or raiding party that unexpectedly clashed with a Hun patrol in No Man’s Land. (more…)