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Marion Stuckey, Class of 1945

Born Buddy Marion Skinner on September 12, 1924 in South Carolina, Marion was the adopted son of Mrs. Gussie Crosswell Stuckey and Mr. Charles Wesley Stuckey of Lee County, South Carolina. Mr. Stuckey’s listed profession in the 1940 census was farmer.

M Stuckey 1943 Sphinx p154_CroppedCadet Private Marion Stuckey
Class of 1945
1943 Sphinx, p. 154

Marion Stuckey graduated from Bishopville High School and entered The Citadel at Charleston in 1941. A member of Cadet Company “O” his sophomore year (the academic year 1942-43), Cadet Stuckey was inducted into the US Army on (more…)