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The Citadel Class of: 1939  
Cadet Company: B (4), C – Corporal (3), C – Platoon
Sergeant (2), B – 1st Lieutenant (1)
Age: not available
Born: 13-Jul-17
Hometown: Winston Salem, Forsyth County,
North Carolina
Family: Paul D. Newman (Father), Freda D.
Newman (mother), Stephanie A.
Newman (sister), Elsie L. Newman
(sister), Lucile A. Newman (sister),
Daisy Faircloth Groner Newman (wife)
Rank: First Lieutenant
Branch of Service: U.S. Army
Servicenumber: O-379735
Entered the Service from: North Carolina
Function: Company Commander
Battalion: 7th Infantry Battalion
Division: 8th Armored Division
Company: C Company
Date of death: 26-Feb-45
Status: KIA
Place of death: Montfort, The Netherlands
Spot: vicinity of Aandenberg
Awards: Purple Heart
Gravenumber: Plot D Row 7 Grave 14
Cemetery: Netherlands American Cemetery
Biography: not available
Other information: Infantry – Business Administration
Hailing from Winston, this jolly, good-natured fellow acquired the name
of “Benny” from the Corps. “Benny” is playful and prankish, but he has
always succeeded in becoming serious when necessary. This fact can
be proven if we take note of the rank that he attained during his senior
year. However, his ability for telling tales (we sometimes wonder about
their veracity) and singing that “good ole mountain music” is surpassed
by none. “Benny’s” collar was never adorned with gilt, but he has
succeeded in maintaining fair grades. He took a very little part in extra-
curricular activities, but he was always ready to add his bit to a good
“bull-session.” Never a big social hound, nor a “lady-killer,” he
succeeded in maintaining his prestige in the “privateers.” Happy singing,
Source: Sphinx 1939, The Citadel, p.223

Sources: American Battle Monuments Commission, The Citadel Archive & Museum, Mike Stannard ’65, 7th IB 8th AD AAR, 1940 US Census (NARA), Sphinx 1939, Find a Grave.com

We ask for your help.
It is our objective to have complete and accurate records for each of our Citadel Men.
If you have information to contribute or to correct this or any other record, please contact us or see support.

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