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Memories of Memorial Day at Margraten

This past Memorial Day was the most impressive I have experienced. Not because of any grandiose ceremony with lots of flags, speeches, and bands, but because of the people with whom I shared it. I could write a book filled with the stories from these people and the moments we had leading up to attending the Memorial Day ceremony at the Netherlands American Memorial and Cemetery.

The ceremony took place on Sunday, May 26, 2013 in the mid-afternoon. It was a cool, grey day with clouds hanging so low you felt as if you could reach out and touch them. As we walked up onto the Field of Honor, it began to rain lightly, and while we made a round through the cemetery to pay our respects, my best friend said aloud what we were all silently thinking, “This is a sad, beautiful place.”

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Someday I will write that book. Today, I share a few photos. As I relive the day…the emotions start to percolate, and, again, I have butterflies in my gut and goosebumps. Soon, I will soon write more detailed posts about those impressionable moments last May. [See Citadel Men, Margraten Boys and a Debt of Honor which was written by Major Steve Smith, ’84, and posted October 2013.]

Eight Citadel Men, our “Margraten Boys”, rest in peace in South Limburg, and thanks to the local people who have adopted their graves and names they are remembered everyday.


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  1. Rob Brüll

    Roger, voor mij was het ook zeker een zeer emotionele dag. Ik heb toch een aantal items mogen ontvangen waar ik zeer trots op ben. Zeker de Amerikaanse vlag is iets wat ik zeker goed zal koesteren. Ik heb dit al aan meerdere mensen laten zien en ik krijg alleen maar bewonderende reacties. Ik zal deze spullen zeer goed verzorgen.
    Ik ben jouw en zeer zeker Major S.Smith zeer erkentelijk om aan ons te denken om deze spullen te bewaren. Ik zou je dan ook willen vragen om de Major S.Smith ook te bedanken hiervoor.

    groeten Rob en Micha Brüll

    September 11, 2013 at 8:01 pm

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